Who Makes the Best Drones?


The horizons of film-making and video capture have taken to the skies with their limits being pushed each day through the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles. Though still relatively new, drone technology has been evolving over the years making greater advancements in their output quality, maneuverability, image stabilization, and connectivity. Drone manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of smart technology to significantly accelerate the technological shift. Today, there is a drone for every type of purpose, from capturing selfies to professional filmmaking. There are many company manufacturers that make the best drones.

You can bend the limits of video capture and get those high-up POV’s which may have been previously hard without highly expensive cranes.

Depending on their size and use, budget range, and variation this guide has been formulated to help you find a manufacturer that makes the drone that you would be proud to pilot.

Smaller consumer drones are cheaper compared to larger ones that can lift twice their weight.

Who Makes the Best Drones

You can make your selection based on aspects like high-portability or smoother 4K capturing. If you carry more experience in piloting a drone, then you may opt for more manual control rather than auto-enabled stabilizing.

Most drone manufacturers focus on all aspects of creating the perfect drone, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for the most popular or highly-priced brands.

If you’re under a tighter budget, these brands offer models of all price ranges.

Best Drone Manufacturers


The top of the Drone chain starts with the best manufacturer on the market. DJI is essentially a Chinese based company but has its headquarters spread out throughout the world in places like the US, Japan, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. They are currently leading in the civilian drone manufacturing arena and have over 70% share of the global market.

DJI was the first to introduce Spark which is a type of drone that can be controlled purely through handheld gestures. They are also leading the charge in the drone market with their Mavic Pro that has widespread commercial and professional applications due to its wing spreading utility. DJI’s Phantom series is quite popular given its wireless tech and GPS-operated first person viewing.

One of the reasons why DJI reigns as the best Drone Manufacturer is the wide range of features onboard their drones marking out their signature technology.

Some of these features include mechanical gimbals, intelligent flight control, video stabilization, and superb image quality. Their Spark drones also come included with third-party gamepad controllers to facilitate the latest Generation Z users but it doesn’t just end there.

Spark’s interface includes smart 3D vision sensor technology that utilizes machine learning as well as computer vision.


If you feel that you have seen everything a drone can do then you should know that Uvify intends on expanding the limits of its possibilities. Their impressive range of award winning drones is designed to expand the limits of unmanned aerial vehicles to new horizons.

Though their headquarters is based in San Francisco, Uvify is recognized as a globally connected brand with their branches spread throughout the US, China, Canada, and South Korea.

With Uvify’s drone technology under constant RnD, they intend on creating new experiences with their innovative drone technology to enable users to pursue passions like videography, film making, entertainment, freestyle flying, and research.

Uvify has a wide variety of drones amongst which are the IFO, Draco, and Oori series.

Their IFO drone is an award winning series with their swarm tech and has the highest performance rating.

It has the capacity to hover in the air for as long as 20 minutes. Uvify has also improved upon its AI-based drones to makes tasks like search and rescue even more proficient.

The Uvify Draco Drone was their first entry in the consumer sector which bagged the CES award in 2017.

Today Uvify continues to innovate gaining even more recognition as a top drone manufacturer, globally.


Yuneec began its journey way back in 1999 as a manufacturer of remote controlled aircraft models and later ventured out into creating electric aircraft, multicopters, radio-controlled drones, and airplanes.

They won the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize in 2010 for their two-seater electric aircraft E430 which was made with carbon composite fiber.

Today they are pushing the limits of unmanned electric aviation with their range of impressive drones that are ready to fly at any time.

They are suited to a wide variety of commercial and civil purposes for example identifying and extinguishing fires or transporting objects over a great distance.

Their Yuneec H520 commercial system is equipped with six rotor fans and industrial grade cameras along with highly sophisticated planning software.

It is purposed for a wide range of commercial usage and has been constructed with forceful technology to facilitate long range flights. It has also been designed for carrying out tasks related to construction, law enforcement, surveying, and mapping.

Another one of their award-winning models is the Typhoon H3 which comes on board with ION L1 Pro Camera and has been uniquely designed for photographers and videographers who can use it to map and explore the unknown world.

Yuneec was founded in Hong Kong and later branched out to cities like Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Hamberg. They continue to up the game in professional drone technology.


Hubsan has secured its place among the top Drone Manufacturers in the world given its impressive range of variety drones. They are leading the market with recreational toy drones and hobby drones which include Go Pro-type action cameras. These drones are designed for autonomous use and are intended to match the passion of each and every user.

Hubsan claims that they have built all their frames around an operating playbook which makes their drones easy for anyone to use. Each frame has been crafted into multiple versions that vary in colour and design to promote more individual tastes.

These machines are quite simple to pilot and are equipped with FPV video streams as well as independent flight controls. One of Hubsan’s most popular designs is the Hubsan H111 which is a miniature drone that is small enough to fly indoors. It is an entry level drone meant for children and beginners.

If you intend on practicing to be a professional drone pilot then you can easily get going on the Hubsan H111 which is unbelievably affordable. Hubsan also designs remarkable racer quadcopters like the H122D which can pack speeds up to 25mph and has onboard gear that is no less than a pro league drone.

Drone technology is finding new ways to innovate the passions of professionals and hobbyists alike. Today, drones are evolving into machines of the convenience of the future, and manufacturers like DJI, Yuneec, and Hubsan intend on leading us into that tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. You can expect to see more impressive drones that can do the things we have trouble imagining today.

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