How to use Drone Cameras in Weddings?

How to use Drone Cameras in Weddings?

If you’re someone who is getting married soon and worrying over the fact how to get every event of your marriage ceremony recorded like a fairy-tale? Or, you just have finished watching the marriage video and photos of your favorite celebrity couple, and secretly wishing to have such a cinematic video of your own wedding. Then you’ve come to the right post. You can use Drone cameras in weddings for photography and making videos.

Marriage is a special event in everyone’s life and spending money on wedding videos or photographs is worth every penny. Now, the wedding photographs that go viral on Instagram or the video that is trending on YouTube, make you wonder how they get such wide-landscaped shots that too from various angles.

The secret is a drone camera. It can be tricky to use one if you are only familiar with using drones for photography. After reading this article your worries will be put at ease and you can enjoy your wedding knowing every beautiful moment is being captured.

Continue reading to familiarize yourself with how to use a drone camera in a wedding.

  • Camera Quality and Resolution

Camera drones are expensive to buy. So when you invest in one you must go for the best camera quality. Before buying, become certain that your drone camera has a higher resolution and captures clear images of every object.

Some drones come with a feature called a gimbal. Gimbal offers a bracket kind arrangement that holds the camera steady. With this setting, you can be positive about getting non-blurry pictures and videos of an object which is motion. It is needless to mention how useful this feature can be in wedding photography or videography. Gimbles also reduce jerkiness caused by camera movement.

  • Go Steady, Go Slow

While shooting on your drone camera be sure that your drone is not moving like a fly in the sky in every possible direction. Unplanned movements, sudden speed up or slowdown of your drone can make shots appear to be like a layperson’s job. Slow and steady camera movements give the impression of being recorded by a professional cinematographer.

Hasty drone movements are not only going to ruin your footage but also your overwhelming wedding memory. Uncontrolled camera movements can cause a “jello” effect that you should avoid in every circumstance to record a tremendous wedding.

  • Practice makes everything perfect

Practice flying your drone cameras around your weddings venue several times before the wedding event so that you have a clear plan in your mind with regards to what you can capture and how it can be captured. Be acquainted with the venue so that you can utilize every bit of the beautiful destination.

It would be heartbreaking to face difficulty in using the drone on the day of the main event. So plan, be prepared to maneuver the aerial device smoothly to achieve a cinematic experience of the beginning of your beautiful nuptial journey.

  • Go for flat drone footage

While shooting a video from your aerial camera, try to shoot in the possibly flat view. Flat footages give you detailed and bright videos. Capturing in this high dynamic range is perfect for keeping the dark and the bright areas of your image preserved and separated.

Shooting with a flat profile is of absolute requirement when you need to be shooting aerial wedding videos.

  • Shoot Fly-Overs

Fly-over shots are everyone’s favorite. You can spot them in movies, or other TV programs. A fly-over shot is taken keeping a particular object in focus, from which the drone flies over. Choose your focused object wisely. Generally, these focused objects should be some interesting event or object. Fly-over shots expose an entire area or venue while capturing very minute details from a bird’s eye perspective.

  • Avoid Close-up Shots

To be on the safer side, one should always avoid close up shots using drones. It can lead to unfortunate events like ruining the hair or dress of the bride or groom, or any other guests. Moreover, drones are noisy so it can get annoying if it is too close to people.

  • Weather Check

Drones are like mini-helicopters; imagine a helicopter ride on a bad weather day! It is better to have weather updates before fixing the wedding date if you are planning to use drones in the wedding. Drones cannot operate on a bad weather day. For perfect drone videography, you need the weather to be by your side. A clear sky can bring you the perfect images and videos meddled in nature. And, a pleasant composed breeze would help your drone to fly.

A bad weather day involving a storm or rain can not only ruin your shooting experience but also damage your aerial device. Keep a strict eye on the wind speed, if it exceeds 20 miles per hour, it is going to result in shots that are rarely usable.

  • Natural Lights

We all know about the golden hours for photography. It is the few hours before sunset and after sunrise. Both aerial photography and videography are best done at that time. Natural light is going to add the perfect colors and shades and silhouettes to your drone images or videos.

  • Limit your Drone Use

A drone is a machine intended to capture moments from your wedding ceremony. But, do not forget that the whole purpose of the aerial device is to enhance the recording experience and not to get in the way of any function or ceremony. So it is advised to keep your drone camera at a high altitude and a safe distance.

  • Conclusion

A drone cameras is a must have for every wedding videography session. Engaging a drone camera can turn your wedding video or photographs into a gorgeous album that you can cherish for a lifetime. You can hire a professional or use it on your own with the right photography and cinematography knowledge.

And learning how to operate a drone camera is as exciting as it sounds. And if you are a wedding photographer or cinematographer who is wondering whether to invest in a drone camera or not, then it is time to invest in something that’s going to earn thousand times more money than you are investing. There are many drones cameras available in the market for weddings like DJI Inspire 2 Drone, DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, etc.



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