How to get drone pilot license ?

How to get drone pilot license?


What is one of the most trending technologies in the present era? Let us make a guess, its the presence of drones for sure. The passion for flying drones can never get outdated. Especially in the current a lot of tech geeks are loving the existence of drone. Be it for security concerns or for the sake of video production the drone lovers crave fir acquiring the drone license. Thus, allow us to help you out in that front. Yes, we are about to share a step by step guide regarding, How to get drone pilot license-

When you need your drone pilot license

You will need your drone pilot licence in these two circumstances-

  • At the time of using your drone for work or business which goes for full fledged commercial use.
  • But you do not have to carry a drone licence when you fly your drone just for fun as a hobby. However, there are still some rigid rules that you positively have to follow while using your drone for recreational purpose.

What is the age bar for acquiring drone pilot license?

Foremost, if you are willing to grab a drone pilot license in the US, you should be attending the age bar of 16 years at least. In case, if you are below then 16 years and dying to obtain a drone license then all you can do is wait till you turn sixteen because it is one of the most prior eligibility criteria which leads to receiving your drone piloting license.

What are the basics for receiving drone pilot license?

Up next, let us discuss some of the leading basics for winning your license. Firstly, you must be capable of reading and writing in the English language. Apart from that, being mentally plus physically sound is also mandatory. Above all, passing the initial aeronautical knowledge exam is yet another compulsion. Once you cross all these eligibility grounds you will be likely to have your first drone piloting license as early as possible.

What are the requirements for drone pilot license?

Moving on, now we are on the way to focus on, the requirements that are integral for tracking your drone license. Main points are as below

At the first step, acquire an FAA Tracking Number (FTN) by creating an Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) profile before registering for a knowledge test.

Once you get the FAA tracking number to fix an appointment with a Knowledge Testing Center which administer initial FAA knowledge tests.

Thereafter, for preparing to face the initial aeronautical knowledge test you should concentrate on the following points. Primary areas in this test will be-

  • Airspace classification
  • Operation requirements
  • Drone performance
  • Parts of the drone
  • Machinery basics
  • Aeronautical decision-making and judgment
  • Emergency Process to be followers during the take-off/landing
  • Radio communication process

After appearing in the FAA test successfully the next thing you will need is going through a detailed background check. The Transporation Security Administration will be conducting this test.

How to get drone pilot license ?

What is the Part 107 Certificate?

Whenver you proceed to apply for drone pilot license in the US you should be knowing part 107 certificate These are as follows-

PART 107-

If by any chance you are thinking to acquire a drone license for commercial use Part 107 certificate is for you. Yes, it leads to commercial use. For utilising your drone as the commercial machine, it is necessary to own a Part 107 certificate

How much time does it take for getting a drone pilot license?

It is one of the most obvious questions that hits the mind of every individual wherever it comes to acquiring a drone license. Once you pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, it takes the time of six to eight week to achieve your drone certificate. But, for balancing your requirement you can catch up temporary drone license until you find the mail for the original one. This temporary drone pilot license will reach to you within 10 days after crossing the respective test for the same.

How much it charges for getting your drone pilot license?

Now, the budget always matters for every pilot who is willing to achieve a drone license The fee for the test is only $160, which will be paid directly to the testing centre where you are planning to schedule your test. More than that, If the testing centre is managed by PSI then the test fee is $96. Once you pass the test, there is no additional fee to obtain your original certificate. The other costs to operate as a commercial drone pilot are also low. There is a $5 registration fee for holding your drone.

What to do after receiving your drone license?

Hurrey! You get your drone license. That’s amazing but wait a while before waving goodbye to this guide. There are a few essential points that you should include in your sessions of a flying drone. These are placed as below-

  • Foremost, never miss out on updating your drone registration in every 36 months. Plus, make sure to keep your registration card with you whenever you move to fly a drone/
  • Ensure to keep your license up to date by passing an aeronautical knowledge test in the gap of every 24 months.
  • Maintain the right track of every required document or main files when the concerned authority ask you out to submit them,
  • It is mandatory to report any accidents to the FAA in 10 days of any operation that ends up in injury or property damage of more than the predetermined amount of $500.
  • Before settling for any drone flight do not forget to attend a preflight inspection.


Here we presented an elaborative guide for assisting you on the sides of arranging your drone pilot license. We are sure that now you have all information regarding the same matte. So stop waiting anymore and move forward for receiving your drone license in US with no further delays.

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