How much does a good drone cost?

How much does a good drone cost?

  • How much does a good drone cost?

Drones are quite fancy devices, aren’t they? Looking at them who wouldn’t want to own this aerial equipment? At least for aerial enthusiasts, it holds a lot of significance. It is the next big thing in the world of technology and has the potential to get massive upgrades. So it’s probably the right time to invest in good drones and can know about a good drone cost. Reasons could be as simple as performing aerial maneuvers for fun or using them for commercial purposes. So it boils down to how the user wishes to advance. But regardless of interests or purpose, one thing holds people back from purchasing. That one reason is intimidation of hefty cost that these devices come at.

Now it’s expected for electronic equipment to cost more. Especially if the device is somewhat complex and relatively new, you can expect some price barrier. Drones are no stranger to this phenomenon. Over the years, the prices have reduced to some degree but still, it’s a long way to go. Throw another factor of reliability into the mix and it makes the whole situation more difficult. It’s not easy to pick the best drones out of the large ocean composed of all kinds of equipment. If you’re lucky and know your stuff, you’ll hit the jackpot. However, if you go into this territory without any preparation, you’ll lose your money.

So as the things stand, for a layman, it’s a potential risk to invest with a blind eye. Without proper research or guide, you won’t get the desired drone. That’s why we are here with an exclusive guide of “how much does a good drone cost?”

Before purchase

Before actually going to purchase there is one thing you need to do. You must establish the purpose of purchasing the drone. If you know what you are looking for, it will help you in locating the best possible prospect. You may think that drones with a higher price tag will constitute better results. But that’s not always the case. You will find it compelling that drones with the same performance can cost a lot less. Let’s find out how.

How much does a good drone cost?

Classes of drones

These aerial devices have their classes. Each class has a price range set for drones. Regarding the cost of a good drone, it’s a tricky one because variables influence that factor. In any case, let’s look at some of the classes and see what’s the best price for a good drone in each.

  • Beginner Drones

This is the very first and primary class of drones. Sometimes also referred to as toy drones, these employ fairly basic mechanics. They are not suitable for commercial use. However, they work pretty well if you’re a beginner and just starting to pilot drones. As for the price, good beginner level drones will cost you about 80 to 100USD. DBPOWER X400W Drone is a good example of a beginner drone that costs just below 100USD. It’s a pretty reasonable price considering that drones even at this level will give a significant performance. There are other drones with the same class that may cost more. But you don’t necessarily have to pass the limit of 100USD if you’re opting for beginner drones.

  • Intermediate drones

This is an advanced class of drones from the beginner level. With slightly more features, the drone is pretty much similar to toy drones. However, they offer a better learning curve and help you polish your piloting skills. Regarding the price, you will find a certain variation. But commonly a well studded intermediate level drone should cost you between 200 to 250USD. Altair 818 Hornet is a great intermediate drone that ensembles phenomenal features and comes at just below 200USD.

This increased price is justifiable due to additional features includes. GPS, camera, and better flight time are part of it. The bottom line is this class provides a firm gateway to get into the field of drones. With a budget of 200 to 250USD, you should be able to afford a good one.

  • Advanced Drones

An advanced class for drones is a bit of a gray area. You could say that low to mid-level professional drones falls under the category. The prices for good drones too have a lot of variation among this class. If it’s a low-level professional drone then a good model should cost you about 500USD. However, if you go one step high then prices will start to see more variations. For instance, a high-grade professional drone can cost you around 750 to 1500USD. But drones in the range of 1500USD will usually perform better like DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone which costs 1500-1700USD. In some cases, it may even go further than that.

You need to know that lot of factors come into play when assessing the minimum price for the best drone. This is especially applicable for the advanced class. What comes at 800USD can accompany the same features as that of a 1500USD drone. For example, Autel Robotics EVO costs less but rivals drones at a higher price in terms of performance. So it’s up to you to differentiate and find the good ones. Though, one thing you can do here is to prioritize your requirement. Try to find the drones that best possess your desired feature. If you opt for this philosophy you will face no problems in getting a drone with the highest performance at a minimal rate.

  • Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are the most expensive class of drones. These drones find their use in the field where actual work takes place. Works such as professional video shooting, inspection, deliveries are all done by commercial drones. So the price for this is way higher than other classes. For a good commercial drone, the base price starts from 1500USD and can go much higher. It has a lot to do with the point of application. If the purpose is just photography then good drones will cost comparatively less. Like DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is capable of producing staggering pictures and costs a lot less. However, more intricate work will generate a need for a much pricy drone.


It’s not difficult to comprehend the market of drones in terms of price these days. Since drones are high in numbers, you can pretty much compare the features and find the best price. Getting drones with the highest price point isn’t always a safe bet. When you can get the same benefits at a lesser price, it is sensible to go for the economic option.

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