Best Mini Drones

Best Mini Drones

Looking for mini drones that you can fit perfectly in your pocket and your budget? A frequent and rapid advancement made the best mini drones more packed with features and way easier to carry around.

A huge range of choices out there in the market can literally confuse you and you will definitely find it frustrating. Before your search, find what purpose you actually need.

Do you want it for the camera, or you just need it for fun? Then do some research about the mini drones out in the market. Check whether they are matching with your needs or not. Assess their size, weight and capability and find which one can perfectly fit your requirements.

Here are 10 best mini drones that can definitely satisfy you. They can fit your budget as well as your requirements. These are packed with different cool features. These drones hopefully will help you to make more informed purchases.

10 Best Drones: Review with Pros & Cons

We have picked 10 best Mini drones that will fit the needs of a beginner. After this review, you will be able to decide for yourself. One thing that you should know is that the drones are based on the requirements and there will be no such thing as the best drone for everyone.

Best Mini Drones

Here is a comparison table of the top 10 best mini drones that you can purchase:

Potensic A20 RC Nano Quadcopter4.8/5
DJI Spark Mini4..5/5
DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone4.7/5
Syma X11 Mini Drone4.2/5
Altair Falcon AHP Pocket Drone4.4/5
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC4.9/5
Hubsan X4 H107L Mini Drone4.1/5
Altair AA108 Mini Camera Drone4.3/5
Tello Mini Drone with Camera4.6/5
DJI Mavic Mini Drone with Camera4.2/5

1. Potensic A20 RC Nano Quadcopter


Best Mini Drones

Well, talking about the best mini drones, the first one that is on the list is the Potensic A20 RC Nano Quadcopter. This mini drone has a lot of amazing features like landing on a single button, auto-balancing, and lots more.

If you are new to flying drones, then this drone is the appropriate choice for you.

Both beginners and professionals flying this drone are very easy. As we all know that in today’s day world, drones with amazing features are quite pricey-, But this drone comes within your budget as well.

According to experts, it is a real value for money. For beginners this drone is the appropriate one to gather the knowledge for flying a drone. With a low price, this drone offers you the best features


  • The size of the drone is made in such a way that it is comfortable to fly both indoors and outdoors.
  • The transmitter that is present in the drone helps you to notice whether the flying range of the drone is exceeding or not.


  • The overall weight of this amazing drone is just 100 grams
  • The measurement of this mini drone is 3.5/ 3.1 inches only.
  • With a full charge, this drone can give a flight time of 15 minutes continuously.
  • The drone is very small in size and pocket friendly. Traveling with the drone is quite easy.
  • This drone is capable of withstanding small crashes. The quality of the drone is quite sturdy.
  • Acrobatic moves are also present in this drone. You can perform various moves from the controller of this drone.
  • For beginners, this drone contains a special mode. It is known as the headless mode. It makes it quite easier for beginners to fly this drone.
  • Automatic return function is not available
  • Cannot suffer extreme winds,

2. DJI Spark Mini

Best Mini Drones

The Spark Mini by DJI contains a lot of features because of which it is on the list of the best mini drones. The technology that is present in this amazing drone helps you to click the shots of the best moments of your adventures.

Taking snapshots of any kind of view is quite easy with the help of this drone. The space that this drone occupies is only the area in your palm.

Thus if you are a traveller, then this drone is the best choice for you. You can capture the view on the go without any hesitation.

Not only professionals, but this drone also has some amazing features for beginners. Learning how to fly a drone with this drone is quite interesting. DJI has made this drone keeping in mind about every age group.

One of the most noticeable features of this drone is the camera stability. This drone offers very good video stability with perfect picture quality.


  • The overall weight of the drone is just 300gm.
  • You can fly this drone at 31 mph in the sports mode if there is not a strong wind blowing.
  • An obstacle detector is present in this drone.
  • This drone can fly for a nonstop time of 15 minutes


  • The sensor that is present in the camera of this drone is ½.3” CMOS
  • The drone contains a 1480 mAh battery which is a LiPo 3S battery.
  • The frequency that this drone offers ranges from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz
  • The overall construction of the drone is quite small and it has a very lightweight,
  • It has an amazing GPS stabilization feature.
  • Gesture control is a noticeable feature of this drone
  • Taking automatic shots is also available in this drone.
  • The battery life is not up to the mark
  • It does not support a high frame rate.

3. DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone


Best Mini Drones

On the list of the best mini drones, the DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC drone also makes its mark with some amazing and interesting features. As we all know that DROCON manufacturers are one of the best for making drones all over the world. This drone was made by the manufacturers keeping in mind about the beginners or kids who are trying to get accustomed to flying a drone.

One of the most likable features of this drone is that it has an amazing 3d Flipping option. This drone also leaves no stones unturned while maintaining a small and compact size. Though being small and compact, the overall look of the drone is quite a noticeable one. The price of this drone is quite less compared to other mini drones. If you are planning to give this as a present, then you should definitely go for this.


  • Auto pairing function and one key take-off and landing is an amazing feature for beginners to learn flying a drone.
  • Just by pressing the spinning the function button, the drone starts to spin itself automatically.
  • This drone contains three modes. Highspeed, medium speed and low speed. Depending on the users, they can change the speed of the drone very easily.
  • The overall design of the drone is made in such a way that it is quite easy to carry.


  • The overall weight of the drone is just 290 gm
  • There is only a single lithium battery present.
  • Additional batteries are also required.
  • Carrying this drone is quite easy and pocket friendly because of the lightweight design,
  • The frequency of 2.4 GHz helps in controlling the drone quite easily.
  • You can easily do 3D Flips by just pressing a single button.
  • Performing cool tricks is easily done in this drone.
  • The battery time is quite less.
  • Cannot detect obstacles

4. Syma X11 Mini Drone


Best Mini Drones

Usually beginners or kids like to play with a drone almost every time. As they do not have a quite steady flying experience, the drone they handle must have some serious protection around it.

This is to avoid the damages that the drone might face. Syma X11 Mini Drone is the perfect choice for a beginner’s drone as per experts.

A drone for beginners does not mean that it will have only the ability to fly. The Syma X11 has some cool features as well. These features are the most that attract the youngsters to choose the drone.  Well, another thing that you keep in mind is that this mini drone is also very much suitable for beginners.

It does not necessarily mean that this drone is not only for kids. If you are fond of flying drones, then you can use this one for getting an experience.


  • The flight range of this drone ranges from 0 to 50 m
  • A 2000mAh non-removable battery is present in this drone
  • There are two different flight modes that are present. One is the slow mode and another one is the fast mode.
  • You can also perform flips by the remote control of the drone.


  • This drone contains a channel frequency of 2.4 GHz
  • 2MP camera is attached to the drone that provides quite a good image quality
  • The overall weight of the drone is about 26 gm
  • It takes 40 mins to fully charge its battery.
  • The movement of the 4 propellers are quite good and give a proper balance to the drone while flying.
  • The battery life of the drone is quite a noticeable one.
  • It has great precision because of the 6 axis gyroscope present
  • It has a quite sturdy set up to deal with crashes or damages.
  • Not appropriate for windy weather
  • It is a bit pricey

5. Altair Falcon AHP Pocket Drone


Best Mini Drones

Talking about the best mini drones, the Altair Falcon AHP Pocket Drone is quite a noticeable one. According to a survey, it is seen that this drone is one of the most liked mini drones.

There are a lot of features that make this drone so much special. It is quite amazing that the manufacturers of this drone did manage to put so much inside this small machine.

Till now we were talking about the mini drones that are most liked by kids. But this drone has some features that would also excite adults as well.

If you are a traveller and like to capture photos of the places that you visit, then this drone is the best choice. With amazing camera quality, great stability, and a lot more features, this drone is making its mark toward the tops very rapidly.

This mini drone has been chosen the best for capturing pictures.


  • The camera of this drone offers you 1080P image quality and you can connect the camera with your mobile phone with Wi-Fi.
  • It has an amazing system to stabilize the drone even when no one is controlling it.
  • There are three different speed modes
  • This drone has an amazing return to home feature


  • Live video recording can be done here.
  • It contains 1000mAh battery
  • The overall weight of this drone is about 147gm
  • The maximum flight range of this drone is up to 125 m
  • The propeller guides of this drone have been installed previously for protection purposes.
  • The portability of this mini drone is quite a noticeable one.
  • It has a single touch taking off and landing ability.
  • The design of the controller is quite simple and handy to use especially for the beginners
  • The charging time of this drone is a bit slow
  • For a single battery, the flight time is very limited.

6. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC


Best Mini Drones

Speaking about the best mini drones, the Holy stone HS170 Predator Mini RC does not leave any stones turned. Firstly the unique design of the mini drone is what makes this drone more noticeable.

It is more fun to fly for the users who are quite enthusiastic to learn the basics of flying. For a beginner, this drone comes with a lot of exciting features.

This drone makes it rank among one of the best-looking drones. It is suitable for flying both indoor and outdoor. It has a six-axis gyroscope that helps in maintaining good stability and the body is quite tough so that it can handle any situation while flying.

The headless mode of this drone let it follow a single person without even the controller. Thus the drone follows the person who is flying it and makes the controllability easier for him or her.


  • It can have 360-degree spins and also keep the proper stabilization at the same time
  • There are propeller guards is attached with the front that keep the damage away
  • The body of the drone is made up of polycarbonate material. It is quite a hard material.
  • The less weight of the drone makes the flight easier.
  • There are 4 high power engines attached to the drone to experience a good flight


  • The flight time that the battery of this drone offers ranges from 6 mins to 8 mins
  • The range of the battery of this drone is 350 mAh.
  • The overall weight of this drone is just 14.4 ounces
  • The control and response time of this drone is quite great.
  • You can perform many tricks by just a simple click on the controller
  • It does not require any kind of FAA registration
  • Can resist shock and strong winds
  • The battery life is poor and can be improved
  • This drone does not have any camera

7. Hubsan X4 H107L Mini Drone


Best Mini Drones


If you are completely new to the drone world and want to set your hand with one drone, you should definitely go for this one. This drone comes with a relatively small size and more durability, with an increase in the fly time.

By going through all the customer reviews we came up with a conclusion that this drone can serve you better than any other drone. The customized structure will give you a superior feeling.


  • Highly affordable as it comes in only $25
  • It comes up with 6 axis flight control system
  • Included with adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • Included with 0.3 MP video recording module
  • Has left, right, forward and backward flip
  • Comes with a lightweight airframe
  • Have a really nice durability
  • Can give you a super stable flight along with 4 channels
  • Comes with a portable charger USB by which you can charge it up with any USB port


  • The frequency e of this drone is 2.4 GHz.
  • It contains a 240 mAh battery.
  • The total flight time of this drone is 11 minutes.
  • This tune has an inbuilt gyroscope for maintaining stability.
  • It can fly up to a distance of a hundred meters.
  • This June also contains altitude hold and an expert mode. Additionally, it has 4 channels of remote control.
  • The controller of this drone contains an LED that makes it more attractive.
  • The price of this drone is quite less and is very much affordable.
  • Because of the well-balanced body flying this drone is quite easier.
  • As this June contains a durable frame the invoices are perfectly matched.
  • Depending upon the ratio of the charge and time the flight of this drone is quite noticeable
  • No camera is present in this drone.
  • Unlike other drones, this one does not have a return to home feature.
  • The battery of this drone is very less.

8. Altair AA108 Mini Camera Drone

Best Mini Drones


This Altair AA108 Mini Camera Drone can give you several features and excellent qualities with a great look and obviously can be considered as the best mini drones. It comes in a pocket-friendly price range.

It is built up with remote control with advanced technology and high sensibility. This drone can be the perfect drone for kids or beginners. You can track it very easily and can move it according to your fly line, by drawing the fly line in your associated smartphone.


  • Can give you a high quality photograph with a resolution of 720 HD
  • Include a wide angle cover of 120 degree
  • It included with two batteries that means it can give you a greater fly time
  • Made with durable plastic with can resist heat, and collision both at the same time
  • Provides a more stable structure which is a very good feature for beginner pilots
  • It provides you three skill levels by which you can improvise yourself


  • It gives a 720 HD camera real time video
  • Have covers a 120 degree wide angle.
  • Include two additional batteries.
  • It gives you a first person view
  • It is inbuilt with an out range alarming system .
  • Take it out from the package and plug in, and it is ready to fly
  • Without the user input this can hold itself in air in a professional manner
  • You can really have an enjoyable flight movement
  • It comes up with high quality and high durability with specific skills for customer satisfaction
  • Include a one touch take off
  • It provide a typical flying feature which provides you a flying line which you can draw before the flight in your smartphone by which you are going to operate the drone
  • Some customer reported that the battery which come up with this is already dead

9. Tello Mini Drone with Camera


Best Mini Drones

The Tello mini drone is an excellent drone for this price range. It is lightweight as well as fun and easy to fly. It is a perfect tool for beginners and kids.

You should obviously consider this as one of the best mini drones if you don’t want to spend a lot over your drone. You can definitely set your hand with a $80 drone rather than $500 drone.


  • A very lightweight design to match your category
  • Available under $100, which is quite a bit pocket friendly
  • Can fly directly from the box
  • You have to install the Tello app in your smartphone to fly it
  • Everything is fine but it still needs an organised and experienced hand to fly it
  • Pull out your phone, open Tello app and you can fly this mini drone in anytime, anywhere
  • It covers a wide angle to capture photos.


  • Has a compatibility to VR headset
  • Has 4 propellers
  • Comes with 4 propeller guards along with batteries and propeller removal tool
  • Includes high quality image processor
  • Comes with spare battery
  • Capture photos with pro level
  • Captures video with EZ shots which can be directly share on the social media
  • Includes warranty from USA dealer authority
  • Can be flown in anytime and in anywhere
  • It has a elevation of 10 meters
  • Included with fly time of 30 minutes
  • The shipping process is really very quick
  • Obviously for the travel enthusiasts
  • All photos and videos used to store into the app related to Tello
  • Have a really high resolution for photos and video
  • It is the most lightweight drone.
  • Some of the customers reported that it comes with no additional batteries
  • Here, Some customers reported that the goggles also need to be connected with the Bluetooth at the same time.
  • Some reported when they opened the packet they found that it is not working, the batteries are not working.

10. DJI Mavic Mini Drone with Camera


Best Mini Drones

This DJI Mavic Mini Drone that takes off immediately after being powered on and hovers in places seconds after. It can take really good photographs. The app includes some specific mobile devices.

It can capture all your instant moments and can be your best travel companion.


  • It weighs less than 250 grams which make it lighter than an average sized smartphone
  • The DJI fly app will give you a simple user experience
  • It can give you a maximum 30 minutes of fly time which is enough for a mini drone
  • The DJI fly app needs  Android v6.0,  iOS v10.0 or more than that
  • It is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, S9+, S9, S8+, S8, S7 Edge, S7, S6, Note9, Note8, Huawei P30 Pro, P30, P20, P10, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 10, nova 5, nova 4, nova 3e, nova 2, Honor 8X, 10, 9, 20 Pro, Magic 2, Mi 8, MIX 2S, MIX 2,


  • It is compact as well as powerful
  • Weighs less than 250  grams
  • Supports 12 MP aerial photoshoot
  • Supports 2.7k HD videos
  • Allows an average of 30 minutes fly time
  • The weight makes it extremely portable and can definitely fit into your pocket
  • Includes a flight guide, which will help you to get started with device safe and securely
  • It can give you more fly time than the other mini drones in the market
  • The compact and powerful design can completely satisfy you with your needs and can capture your greatest moments
  • Some customers have reported that it kills the phone battery while flying
  • There is no collision identifying sensors included
  • Some reported that there is no smart controller included

Short buyers guide 

Before you buy your drones you should consider many things. You can have a lot of confusion about what to look for when buying one. There are five things to look for when shopping for your first or next Drone with so many on the market. How will you choose the right one for you? Here are some points to consider before picking up a Drone.

  1. Budget 

What you need for buying a drone is to decide what your budget is for  a  drone. Now keep in mind that there are a few accessories that you will likely need when flying your drone, so keep that in your overall budget. Also keep in mind that prices of drones are likely to change over time, so click the links given below the product descriptions for the most up to date prices.

  1. Size

You should obviously consider the size, as you are looking for mini drones. The smaller the size of it will be, the more it will get handy and more easily will fit into your pocket. The smaller it will be, the system will be more compact and organised.

  1. Weight 

You can’t avoid the weight of the drone, because the fly time as well as durability is always dependent upon the weight of the drone. The less the weight of the drone will be, the more the fly time of the drone will be. So you have to consider the weight of every component of a drone which you are going to buy.

  1. Flight time

You should definitely consider the flight time of the drone, the longest time it can stay up in the air the more it is useful. Everyone needs a drone with more flight time for better experience. If the flight time is way too less you will lose your patience.

  1. Battery life

The fly time of a drone is also dependent on the battery life of the drone. As long the battery helps the drone, the more fly time it will have. You can ignore the battery life. So here are the suggestions for you. Hopefully this buyer’s guide will definitely help you throughout your shopping.

The Ending of Your Quest

Hopefully we have read all the descriptions given but here are the two best mini drones which will actually blow your mind off. There are so many drones we could mention but for the sake of perfection, we have to narrow it down to the two best mini drones to save your time and make it easier for you.

The first one is This DJI Mavic Mini Drone which costs $99 and because DJI is now the leading company in consumer drones. This can fly upto 30 minutes and shoot 720 HD video and takes 12 MP photos. You can change the batteries easily, and it does some cool tricks like 36 0 flips and throwing in the air and it starts flying. For just $99 it is a great drone for kids.

The 2nd drone you should definitely consider is the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini. This is more than a drone and a great deal at just $85. Its arms and legs fold up, turning it into a handheld camera for photos and videos. It also has a powerful light that can be used like a normal flashlight, along with a USB port in the back working as a phone charger. Thus it is a drone, handheld camera, flashlight and a charger all in one.

3- FAQs to Solve your Problem

  • Does the software in DJI Mavic Mini Drone show the number of satellites it is connected to?

No, unfortunately the software does not show how many satellites are connected to the drone in flight. After placing it somewhere the drone tries to connect to a minimum of 10 satellites at a time and just shows the number of satellites it is connected to.

  • Will the sticker of the Tello Mini Drone weigh more than 249 grams?

Yes, unfortunately the value is 251 grams once you attach the sticker with your Tello Mini Drone. So, if it is important to you to stay below the 250 grams border, then better just don’t install the sticker because yeah it seems to add two grams of weight to the drone.

  • What about the prop guards in DJI Mavic Mini Drone? Are they included in 249 grams?

With the prop, guards attached the drone has definitely gone away more than two hundred and forty nine grams so the 249 grams really is only the drone with one battery and its propeller installed. So if you are specific with weights font uses them.

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