Best GoPro Drones

Best GoPro Drones

As we are seeing a huge surge in the use of action cameras, it’s obvious that we would love to get the capability of getting some aerial shots from these cameras. The best way to do that is to find drones that are compatible with the GoPro cameras. Almost all the cameras come installed with high-quality cameras. However, if the drone that you are picking hasn’t a camera on-board, you can install a GoPro on it. You will be able to get some very amazing shots and anything that you want to do with this footage. You can do it in the post. If you are in the market looking for one of the best GoPro drones, you have landed at the correct spot.

There is one thing to note that the brand tried to step into the drone market but the product GoPro Karma wasn’t a successful one. It was discontinued soon after launch.

The drone that you are going to install your action camera on, should be capable of using the camera’s features easily. If you are getting worried about the placement, you can install the action camera either on the top or bottom of the drone body.

10 Best GoPro Drones You Can go for

If you are in the market looking for drones that can shoot with the GoPro, here are some good ones that are listed here. These drones are handpicked by experts and we hope that you find the one that can fulfill the requirements. Let’s go through the review along with the pros and cons.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10 best GoPro drones so let’s know about them. Here is also a short buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions to help you guys with your final selection.

Best GoPro Drones

Here is a comparison table of the top 10 best GoPro drones  that you can purchase:

Contixo F17 drone
Potensic D85 drone4.8/5
3DR Solo drone4.3/5
Force1 F100GP drone4.5/5
AEE Technology AP9 drone4.9/5
Anonyme X35 4K drone4.2/5
Syma X8HG drone4.7/5
Snaptain SP700 drone4.4/5
Teeggi X35 FPV drone4.1/5
Potensic T25 drone4.8/5

1.Contixo F17 drone

Best GoPro Drones


Drones are getting widely popular and there are very use scenarios where you can use them. The primary use of these drones is in filmmaking where the drone needs to come with a very good quality camera.

This one from Contixo comes with the GoPro installed on the camera. It brings a range of features with it. You will find this camera to be compatible with multiple GoPro action cameras and can also carry more than one.

The F17 also sports brushless motors that will help the drone enhance its durability. The battery capacity on this drone is 2100 mAh. You will be able to fly it for a good 16-18 minutes.

There is one big drawback of this drone and that’s you will not be able to get the FPV. The battery that you will get on this drone can easily be removed.

The overall build quality of the drone is also pretty good. You will be able to use it for a longer period of time.

The drone will also give you a low battery alert so that you can bring it to the starting point. The drone also comes with a very sturdy box that will give you enough security.

  1. Though the drone remote controller doesn’t provide you the FPV functionality, you can download the camera companion app to get the footage.
  2. The 18-minute flying time powered by the drone’s 2100 mAh battery will be more than enough in this price segment.
  3. The 4K Ultra HD recording capacity of the camera will give you a very clear and sharp output.
  4. The field of view on this drone that you will get will be 170-degrees.
  5. You will also get the propeller guards so that it doesn’t break in case of any crash.
  1. The installation process on this drone is quite a tedious one where you will find it a bit tiring to set up.

2.Potensic D85 drone

Best GoPro Drones

This drone is quite a robust one where the build quality that you will get is sturdy enough to carry GoPro cameras and shoot smooth videos without any kind of jitter.

The camera will allow you to shoot up to the 2K resolution. Potensic also provides you with a FOV of 130-degrees. The propellers on this drone are also quite sturdy and you will get a very stable and steady flight.

The remote controller of this drone will also allow you to add a smartphone so that you can easily get a first-person view. The drone is one of the best GoPro drones where the USP of Potensic is the sturdy build quality and modern design language.

The camera on the drone gives you 5 GHz connectivity where the live transmission will be crisp and sharp.

The motors that you will get on this drone will be the brushed one where it will help the drone with better durability.

The remote controller of this drone will give you the transmission up to the range of 4500-feet. On the features front, you will get an auto-return feature in case the battery is low.

It will give you an extra sense of security that the drone will not get damaged.

  1. The 130-degree field of view on this drone will give you the 5 GHz connectivity where the live feed will be quite stable.
  2. The remote controller of this drone will give you the spot to connect the smartphone and get to control it completely.
  3. There is also the GPS connectivity where you will get to set the path beforehand and the same tech will be used to bring the drone back in just one touch.
  4. There is also a headless mode that you will get where the drone can be operated quite easily.
  5. The mounting bracket on the drone is also well built and the camera will stay secure no matter how windy the condition is.
  1. The camera installed on the drone can’t be panned or moved remotely. You will have to set it manually.

3. 3DR Solo drone

Best GoPro Drones


The drone comes with the support for an action camera where you will get to set up the camera you want. It is added to the list of ‘Best GoPro Drones’ for a range of features where you will be able to connect the drone to the smartphone via a dedicated wi-fi channel.

The connectivity that you will get on this drone will be quite stable and reliable.

There are also dedicated settings where you will get to fly the drone in an auto-pilot mode where you will be able to focus on capturing some amazing pictures and videos.

The drone is also one of those few drones where you will get the full HD streaming from GoPro. If you don’t want to get it on a wireless connection and you will get a full-size HDMI to stream the live video without any interference.

The design language that you will get on this drone is quite modern. The materials that are used are top-notch and slight falls will not affect it much.

There is one thing you must note and that’s you will not get any gimbal on this drone.

  1. The drone comes with Orbit mode where it will keep revolving the set object.
  2. Another one that you will get will be the headless mode. It will allow you easy maneuverability.
  3. The drone will come with the Follow Me feature. It will allow you to get much better shots in terms of stability.
  4. You will get to set up the drone and fly it quite easily just by using the smartphone.
  1. There is no gimbal on the drone and you will need to be extra careful while shooting.
  2. The drone doesn’t fold in any way. You will only get to take the propellers out.

4.Force1 F100GP drone

Best GoPro Drones

When it comes to the drones that you can buy which are equipped with the GoPro or any action camera for that matter, there are a very limited number of drones that are available in the market.

This drone from Force1 comes with an integrated mount where you can install the camera and apart from it. You will also get an integrated camera that will support 1080p resolution for some quick shots.

To add the action camera, you will first need to detach the in-built camera. On the features front, the drone comes with dual-speed settings that will be helpful for beginners or professionals to get the footage they need.

The drone can also easily do some tricks including the 3D flip which will help you in getting some really awesome shots. In the package, you will also get multiple shells where you can put the one that you think looks the best.

The range offered by this drone will be up to 500 meters. The flight time is said to be approximately 15 minutes. Considering the features, this drone’s price point is very aggressive and you will be able to get it under $80.

  1. The drone package will include 2 batteries in the box where each battery will give you the flight time of 15 minutes.
  2. The remote controller of this drone comes with alerts that will give you a signal in case the battery is going down or the drone is going out of range.
  3. The dual-speed settings on this drone will allow beginners, as well as professionals to get what they want.
  4. There are 3 colour options available in the box, black, blue, and white. For these colour shells, you will have to pay nothing extra.
  1. The remote controller doesn’t give you the option of attaching a smartphone for a better first-person view.

5. AEE Technology AP9 drone

Best GoPro Drones

The primary reason for adding this drone to the list of best GoPro drones is its sturdy build quality. If we move to the features, the drone has a range of features/options to offer. The brand tried to offer versatility and in its process, AP9 Drone also tried to balance the pricing.

The drone comes with multiple drawbacks but when it comes to functionality, there are very few that can beat it.

You should also note that the drone doesn’t come with any camera pre-installed. You will get a high-quality mount to install your action camera.

The range offered by the drone is also average where you can fly it up to 500 meters without any issue.

The battery life that you will get on a single charge on this drone will be around 25 minutes. When it comes to speed, there will be very few drones that you will find. It can go up to a speed of 44 mph and the cruising speed. You will get will be around 20 mph.

At these speeds, you will get to shoot some very stable and reliable shots. The drone comes with GPS functionality where you will get to bring the drone back in just one tap.

As it comes with a bit of weight, it can also offer some amount of wind resistance.

  1. Getting the flight time of around 25 minutes on a single charge, it is quite a feature and you will not get this good flight time on the competitor drones.
  2. The drone, AEE Technology AP9, can fly up to a speed of 44 mph and this will allow you to get into some drone races with your friends.
  3. The overall build quality of the drone is very sturdy and the company used some top-notch materials.
  4. The action camera mount that you will get on this drone is also quite sturdy and you will get to fix the camera quite easily.
  1. If you are a first-time flyer, you may find it a bit hard to calibrate.
  2. Though the materials used on this drone are good, the feeling that you will get on holding it will not be very premium.

6. Anonyme X35 4K drone

Best GoPro Drones

With a quite sturdy build and high-quality materials used in the construction of the drone, there are multiple features that you will find helpful in flying the drones with full controls.

The design language of this drone is also very traditional where the action camera comes pre-installed on the bottom side. With the help of 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, the drone can go up to the range of 1 km where it will also transmit the video to your smartphone.

The propellers that you will get here can also be very easily detached. We recommend you remove the propellers from the motors while traveling.

The drone is available in a single color option and the overall build completely justifies the pricing. On all 4 motors, you will get LED lights so that you can see where the drone is in case you are flying it at night.

  1. The connection that the drone will establish with your smartphone will be on 2.4 GHz wi-fi and it will be pretty reliable.
  2. The drone also comes with gimbal support where you will be able to get some very stable shots.
  3. On the back of the battery, there will also be a power indicator in the form of 4 LEDs and will also alert you of low signal/battery while flying.
  4. You can also enable the headless mode where it doesn’t matter where the drone is facing, the left and right functions will work according to your direction.
  1. Though the drone can go up to the range of 1 km, live video transmission will only be limited to 500 meters.
  2. The drone comes with a weight of 450 grams, it performs kind of poorly in windy situations.

7. Syma X8HG drone

Best GoPro Drones

If you are in the market looking for a drone to buy, you will be bombarded with many options and it will become quite a difficult task for you to choose one.

This drone from Syma comes with a good range of features where you will be able to fly it completely according to you.

You will also find propeller guards on this drone which will be quite helpful in avoiding any significant damage in case of a crash. With a sleek design and red colour, the drone is capable of attracting an audience. It generally remains out of the stock.

The legs on which the drone stands are also well-built. The overall material that is used is quite sturdy and heavy-duty.

The drone comes with an in-built camera. In case, want to put any action camera of your choice, you can do it with a little bit of makeshift.

The action camera installed here is an 0.8 MP HD sensor which will help you in getting some amazing aerial shots. For a better idea of why we added it to the list of best GoPro drones, here are some pros and cons you need to go through.

  1. The drone comes with 2-speed settings and it will be helpful in a range of situations. You can fly at lower speed settings if the area in which you are flying isn’t very spacious.
  2. The drone comes with a barometer where you will get to set the height. You will then not need to control it.
  3. By enabling the headless mode, you will then get to fly the drone in the direction accordingly.
  4. The gyroscope on this drone will come with a 6-axis stabilization that will allow you way better shots especially in case of stability.
  1. The flight time on this drone that you will get on a single charge will be around 6-8 minutes.

8. Snaptain SP700 drone

Best GoPro Drones

The drones that come with an in-built action camera can also be considered as one of the better-performing ones when it comes to comparing with the ones that have detachable cameras.

In this drone from Captain, you will get the camera up to the resolution of 2K and the drone will establish the connection with the smartphone through a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

The drone is capable of getting some very stable shots where the drone’s GPS feature will come in quite handy. There are various settings that you can enable to get most of the drone’s potential.

Thanks to the onboard GPS, you will get to set the path where the drone will go without continuously controlling it. It is also a better option for beginners as it comes with one-tap take-off and landing.

There will also be a Follow Me mode that you can activate to get stabilized shots.

  1. In this price segment, the drone is capable of producing some great shots whether it is for taking pictures or videos.
  2. The GPS signal on this drone is quite stable and the live transmission that you will get on the smartphone will also not face any connection drop.
  3. The presence of brushless motors on this drone will give you enhanced durability and a bit lesser noise.
  4. The battery present on this drone will be of 1,800 mAh capacity and it will give you a flight time of around 18 minutes.
  1. There are some customer reviews present online that complain of poor build quality.

9. Teeggi X35 FPV drone

Best GoPro Drones

As we are getting towards the end, you will find the drones that aren’t very popular yet are one of the best in terms of performance. These drones are available in the offline, as well as online market.

If you are looking for a drone that can fulfill your basic requirements, this can be the one for you. Teeggi X35 drone comes with the very sturdy build quality and the materials used in its construction are also top-notch.

You will find the 3-axis gimbal on this drone. This will give you much better shots in terms of stability and smoothness. This drone comes included with the storage box that will help you in keeping the drone fully secure.

The propellers can be removed very easily. You should put the drone in the box by removing them for better security. The action camera is pre-installed on this drone. The top resolution you will get will be 4K with a wide-angle lens.

  1. The remote controller you will get with this drone will give you the ability to attach the smartphone.
  2. The drone is also equipped with GPS functionality and you will be able to get the drone to a spot without much input.
  3. The memory card slot on this drone will support up to 128 GB of storage.
  4. The battery capacity on this drone will be 3,150 mAh and the flight time you will get on a full charge will be 25 minutes.
  1. Though the design of the drone is quite premium, the actual feel is not that great and it kind of feels cheap.

10. Potensic T25 drone

Best GoPro Drones

There are various drones that you will get with a similar set of specs. You will need to choose the one that fits your needs and also a value for money.

Potensic is a known brand and you will find a range of products that are there to help you. The brand is known for its better performance and the camera will come in-built on the unit.

The highest resolution that you will get will be 1080p with a range of features such as altitude hold, orbit mode, follow me, live FPV, etc.

The design language of the drone is quite modern and you will be able to carry it quite easily too. The propellers can be easily removed, however, the drone doesn’t come with any folding feature.

You will get a very sturdy box and you can keep the drone fully secured in this box. The camera will give you a 120-degree FOV with a 75-degree adjustable wide-angle lens.

  1. The stand on which the drone will stand is also quite sturdy and the material will be scratch-resistant as well.
  2. The drone comes with dual GPS where you will be able to set the path so that the drone can reach there.
  3. The auto-return feature of the drone will allow you an easy landing.
  4. The package will come included with 2 batteries, 1,000 mAh capacity.
  1. The drone can go up to the range of just 300 meters.

Finding the best drone for yourself: A short buyer’s guide

When it comes to buying the drone that fits your need, it’s not as easy of a task as it seems. There are various things to look out for. It’s possible that the list of 10 best GoPro drones wasn’t enough in terms of providing you with the options. You can put this guide to use and find the one that fulfills all your requirements.

Size & weight

When it comes to getting the drone that can make you capable of shooting in almost all places, the most important aspect you need to keep in mind is the drone’s size. You should consider the weight next as well. The GoPro/action cameras drones come with an average weight of around 2-3 kg and in size, it’s generally 15-inch diameter.

Gimbal support

The drone that you are investing in should be rich in terms of features. The action camera should attach with a gimbal so that the shots that you are capturing come out stable and smooth. It doesn’t matter if the camera that you are putting on comes with OIS/EIS, gimbal support will enhance the functionality much further.

Load capacity

This is a very common issue for the drone users which they face after buying and it’s not enough load-bearing capacity. While buying the drone, you must check how much load it can bear and cross-check if the GoPro or the action camera that you have comes under that weight limit.

Range & time

It will be determined by the batteries that the drone is powered by. A hack that you can put to use to extend battery life is to keep multiple batteries for your drone. For a mid-range drone, the flight time that you will get will be around 15 minutes. The range will be 500-600 meters.


It is also one of the very important factors that you must keep in mind. When you have a drone, it will be practical only if you can carry it to places. As drone technology is getting more and more advanced, you will find pretty compact drones. You will be able to carry them easily.


While flying a drone, it’s very important to be able to see what’s recording. The first-person view will allow you to watch the feed in real-time. This feature will be provided by the drone either in a way where you can connect your smartphone to the RC or the remote controller comes with an integrated display.

Final words and our top picks…

We hope that you are finally able to understand a thing or two about the GoPro drones. These cameras will give you a wide functionality where you will be able to get some smooth shots. The drone that you are going to buy should be able to carry the load. There is one thing that if the drone is getting overweight, it will directly impact the battery life. If you are still not able to find the one, we are going to give you 2 recommendations.

The first one you can get from the aforementioned list of best GoPro drones is the AEE Technology AP9 drone. You will not get the camera unit with the drone but there will be a mounting bracket present where you can set the camera. It will also give you a good flight time of 25 minutes.

The second one you can buy that will come with the action camera installed is a 3DR Solo drone. The drone will support multiple cameras from GoPro such as Hero 3, 4, and 3+. The quadcopter will be fully charged in 1 hr 30 minutes. These two cameras are the ones that are in the budget category. You will be able to get almost all types of shots. When it comes to making films, it will be better to have as many pieces of equipment as you can.

Answering your worries: FAQs

  • Are these drone cameras legal to fly?

Yes, all you need to do is to get them registered with the FAA. You will only need to do so if the drone exceeds the weight limit of 250 grams that is almost every drone on this list.

  • How much load capacity can we carry on a drone?

It depends on the drone that you are buying. A mid-range drone can fly with a load capacity of 200-300 grams.

  • Can these GoPro drones handle windy conditions?

The drones that we have listed above can handle the windy conditions with quite ease. If the drone has a gimbal equipped, it will not give you any jitter.


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