Best Drones For Real Estate

Best Drones For Real Estate

The emerging sector for the drone market is the real estate industry. As the industry experts require a lot of effort to sell the houses and offices. A drone turned out to be one of the best tools that will help you in getting some great cinematic shots of the property to convince the buyer. It might seem a very low-key factor to you but drone footage or an aerial picture of the house can add a lot of value to the marketing strategy put up by the seller. If you are searching for one of the best drones for real estate, this review will quite help make the decision.

Not only in real estate, but the use of drones is getting common in a lot of other industries as well. The photographers and videographers are also using it to a good extent.

Drone sales have seen a spike where it is being used by a lot of users for personal use as well. Before making the decision, you need to decide the purpose of why you are buying it. In this review, you will see a lot of real estate drones products so buckle up. And let’s dive into the review.

10 best drones for real estate to choose from: Pros & cons

It’s time we start reviewing some drones that you can buy right now. These drones are handpicked by our experts so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of choosing one yourself. We hope that after going through the full review, you will be able to easily make the decision.

10 Top Reviewed Best Drones For real estate Offered for you

Here is a comparison table of the top 10 best drones for real estate that you can purchase:

3DR Solo drone4.6/5
UPair One 2.7K drone4.3/5
Altair Outlaw SE drone4.9/5
DJI Mavic Mini drone4.2/5
DJI Phantom 3 drone4.4/5
DJI Mavic 2 drone
Parrot PF728000 Anafi drone4.3/5
Ruko F11 Pro drone4.5/5
AUTEL Robotics Evo drone4.7/5
DJI Spark drone4.1/5

1.3DR Solo drone

Best Drones For Real Estate 

In a plethora of options that are there, this one is the latest addition. The drone is equipped with a gimbal where the action camera is installed to give you the best possible footage. Though the camera seems to be a completely separate unit, you will be able to control using the remote or the drone app.

If you are going to first learn how to fly, you can remove the camera. And it will give you a flight time of 25 minutes. With the camera mounted on the drone, the battery will last for approximately 20 minutes.

The control of this drone comes with a very easy and simple interface that will help you in maneuvering the drone with extreme precision. The GPS on this drone will give you the option of setting the path beforehand. And the drone will then reach the set altitude and spot in auto-pilot mode.

The propellers that are installed on this drone. It can very easily be removed in case you want to quickly pack up. The live transmission that the drone will offer will be done through 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels.

If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, you can invest in a waterproof case for better protection. And this drone is the best drones for real estate with good features.

  1. The camera output on this drone will be up to 4K resolution where the live transmission will be capped at HD.
  2. As the size and form factor aren’t very bulky, the agents will be able to easily carry the drone around to multiple sites.
  3. Not only for the real estate, but the drone will also offer you features like headless mode or selfie mode.
  4. You can also enable the orbit mode where the drone will revolve around the object giving you a 360-degree view.
  5. The camera can be removed very easily, giving you the ability to fly the drone for an even longer time.
  1. For the features that it has to offer and if you are looking for a drone especially for real-estate, it can be a bit pricier.

2.UPair One 2.7K drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

For a drone that will be used professionally, you can say this UPair drone to be one of the cheaper drones available in the market. It is added here in the review of the best drones for real estate due to the value for money that it has to offer.

The features provided by the brand will not only fulfill the needs of a real estate agent but a YouTuber/vlogger will also be able to get some very smooth shots.

The layout of the drone app will give you a very easy interface so that everyone can understand it. When the beginners are trying to learn how to fly, they need proper guidance so that the drone doesn’t end up getting crashed.

It will also be equipped with the GPS feature. Here, you will be able to set the route on which the drone needs to go. Thanks to this, the drone can also come back to the starting/take-off point in just a single tap.

You will also get to activate auto-takeoff or auto-landing so that the drone doesn’t get hit or crash while going up or down.

The remote controller included in the drone package will sport a 7-inch screen that will give you a very immersive experience of the first-person view. Coming to the flying time, the drone can stay in the air for a maximum of 21 minutes. The battery capacity of this drone will be 5,400 mAh.

  1. When compared to the other drones of the same price segment, the flying time provided on this drone will be the best one.
  2. As the layout is quite easy and features focused to ease the flying, the UPair drone can be considered the perfect choice for beginners.
  3. The camera on this drone can record up to the 4K resolution where it will be equipped with a 2-axis gimbal to give you stable shots.
  4. The 7-inch screen on the controller will give you a very good FPV and you will be able to frame the shot exactly the way you want.
  1. The flying distance of this drone is quite low and will go only up to 1 km.

3.Altair Outlaw SE drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

The primary focus of this drone is on beginners. Altair tried to provide all the features where the camera is capable of capturing some amazing quality pictures and videos. Outlaw SE is equipped with GPS tech that will allow you to hold the camera in one position.

There is also some other advanced stabilization provided on this drone which will help you in keeping the shot as crisp and sharp as possible. The drone will get connected to the smart phone using 5 GHz Wi-Fi. And the live transmission will be capped at full HD to save some battery.

The footage that you will shoot will be stored on a microSD card. And the maximum supported size will be 32 GB. You should note that the drone package will not include any memory card and you will have to invest separately.

With a flight time of 18 minutes, the drone comes with a very limited range of 600 meters. However, it shouldn’t be an issue for you as you will be able to easily film your property by staying within this range.

The drone will also feature different skill levels and as you progress through, you can change the level. The levels will come with different speed settings, flying controls, etc.

  1. The GPS feature on this drone will come with the altitude-hold that will allow you to get a stable aerial shot of your property.
  2. The camera quality and the battery life combination of this drone are quite exceptional and you will get full value for your money.
  3. The high-end stabilization feature provided on this drone will give users a wide variety of options to help them with filming.
  4. You will also be able to apply the Follow Me feature that will help in filming yourself and also keeping the footage stable.
  1. The materials used in the construction of the drone are less durable and Altair should focus on improving it.

4.DJI Mavic Mini drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

For a beginner, Mavic Mini will be a perfect choice. It is due to a range of factors that are there to help them in maneuvering the drone with good precision. The layout provided to you by DJI will be kind of self-explanatory. You will not need to go through any flight tutorial of any sort.

Irrespective of the size, the drone comes with a gimbal which will help in getting the stabilized shots.

This is one of the best drones for real estate also because of the included items in the package. You will get an extra set of propellers, controlling sticks, spare screws along with the screwdriver.

The smart phone app of DJI will work with the Android v6 and above whereas on iOS, you should have at least v10.0.

The battery life of this drone is also pretty amazing. It can stay in the air shooting amazing scenes for up to 30 minutes. It’s important to go through the pros & cons before making the decision or skipping to the next drone.

  1. The drone comes under the weight limit, and hence, you will not have to get it registered with the FAA.
  2. The charging hub provided on this drone will give you dual-way charging.
  3. The drone will come with a bag where you can put it while not in use.
  4. As the weight and size of the drone are quite compact, you will be able to easily fly it indoors.
  5. The motorized gimbal on this drone will be a 3-axis one where you will get pretty smooth shots.
  1. The camera quality of this drone isn’t up to the mark where you will get only the 12 MP sensor.

5.DJI Phantom 3 drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

This is the drone that can be considered as one of the best drones for real estate for various reasons. The drone comes with a very sturdy build where the materials used are very heavy-duty and durable.

Phantom 3 is capable of providing the best picture and video output where you will be able to find a plethora of settings to be configurable. When we look at the features and the build, the pricing of around $1,000 seems to be quite aggressive.

The camera on this drone is also capable of recording up to 4K resolution at 30 fps. The USP of this drone is its easy layout and how easily a beginner or a professional can learn to fly it.

You will find a plethora of features that are there to guide you and help you in framing the perfect shot. This drone from DJI has helped many agents and businesses to give their marketing strategy a complete overhaul.

The aerial view captured by the drone will give you a completely different perspective to work with. To connect with the app, the drone uses wi-fi and the app will give you full control over it.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of a better idea if it’s suitable for you.

  1. The drone is not only bulkier in size but it also offers the same amount of features. The range that it will cover will be approximately 2 km.
  2. Once the battery is fully charged, the drone will stay in the air for about 22-25 minutes.
  3. The interface that you will get on this drone will allow you to fly it very easily.
  4. The highest video resolution provided on this drone will go all the way up to 3840x2160p.
  1. Comparing the size, the drone’s battery life is a bit on the lower side.

6.DJI Mavic 2 drone

Best Drones For Real Estate 

When it comes to getting some great pictures and videos of your real estate property, there are very few drones that you will find the perfect fit. DJI’s Mavic 2 can be considered as the drone that can fulfill all your requirements. It is the best drones for real estate and good works on image capturing.

The first and most important aspect is portability. Mavic 2 is the one that will easily fit in your bag.

In real estate, the camera quality matters a lot and you will get added zoom functionality on this drone. Not only the zoom, but the camera output of this sensor is also quite exceptional where it will capture all the details very easily.

The camera can record up to a resolution of 4K. And the dynamic range on this drone is also quite improved. The compact size and the sturdy build give it a very premium look. And you will get full value for money.

The drone comes with 3-axis stabilization and it will significantly help in getting stable shots. Along with this, there will also be an obstacle detection feature that will help beginners to fly the drone perfectly.

  1. The ActiveTrack 2.0 will give you the ability to track the drone path and it will also auto-return to the starting point.
  2. There is also the Orbit mode that you will get to enable the drone is revolving around the object.
  3. The smart phone app will also allow you to plan different trajectories from multiple points.
  4. The propellers on this drone can be folded in the body and it will become compact to easily carry it around.
  1. The battery life on the Mavic 2 is much lower when compared to other drones of the same price segment.

7.Parrot PF728000 Anafi drone

Best Drones For Real Estate 

The drone’s price point and the set of features that it has to offer to seem to be a fake ad. However, when you get the drone, you will find out how good of a drone it is.

For starters, Parrot Anafi comes with a 21 MP sensor that will give sharp and detailed static pictures. The video capability of this drone comes with 4K capabilities.

The camera offers a range of software modes and the settings that are there will help you in keeping the drone fully stabilized and give you a crisp shot. However, due to a lower range, the drone comes fit for those who are there to shoot small-to-medium properties.

The wide-angle lens of the drone will give you a fish-eye effect that will give your film a different perspective. The photos/pictures that you will take will also be very balanced in terms of HDR.

If you are going to shoot in the burst mode, the drone will capture 10 pictures/second.

  1. The charging mechanism used by Parrot on this drone comes with the USB Type-C support that will help in faster charging.
  2. You will also get to enable Geofencing where the drone will not go outside that limit that you set.
  3. The casing provided by the company is quite sturdy and the drone will stay protected there.
  4. Parrot also promises to keep providing software updates so that the camera can work smoothly.
  5. The drone can be operated in the temperature range of -10℃ to 40℃.
  1. The wi-fi signal in some areas can go way below in some areas, resulting in random connection drops.

8.Ruko F11 Pro drone

Best Drones For Real Estate 

This quadcopter comes with camera recording capabilities of up to 4K resolution where the primary feature of this one is recording panoramic outdoor scenes. This feature will be directly helpful in shooting the real estate properties where the appearance matters a lot.

The features that you will get on this drone will be very much helpful, especially for beginners, to get fantastic and amazing clips.

The field-of-view that you will get on this drone will be 120° where you will be able to get so much in the frame. In the package, Ruko will provide you two batteries and the flight time that you will get is 30 minutes each.

These features are not very easy to find in the drones that are available in the same price segment. Not only the battery life, but this drone can also go up the range of 3.5 km.

Along with this, you will find features like headless mode, dual-band wi-fi, auto-return, one tap landing/take-off, etc.

  1. The photo quality on this drone will be top-notch where the resolution you will get will be up to 4K.
  2. The live video that you will get on the drone will be up to the range of 1.6 km.
  3. The flight system with which this drone is equipped offers a good amount of guidance to beginner pilots.
  4. Ruko offers a full warranty for 90 days free of cost. You will have to pay a bit extra to continue the cover.
  1. The maximum height that this drone can go up to is 393 ft.
  2. You will have to get it registered with the FAA due to extra weight.

9.AUTEL Robotics Evo drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

If you are looking for a drone in the mid-range category, this one from AUTEL can be your perfect choice. The camera on this drone can record up to 4K 60fps where it will be able to record clear and detailed shots.

The live transmission on this drone will be 720p. If you are planning to shoot a film of a large property, the 4,300 mAh battery of Robotics Evo will give you enough time in the air.

The features that are present on this drone include obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, and many more. You will also get the gimbal which will allow you to shoot some smooth non-jittery montages.

The remote controller provided by AUTEL will come with an in-built 3.3” screen. You will not have to connect the smart phone and it will allow you better portability. The microSD card that this drone will support up to 128 GB. There will be sensors present around the drone to give you precise maneuvering.

The weight of 2.1 kg will give you better control especially in windy conditions.

  1. The camera sensors present on the drone will capture vibrant colors.
  2. The range offered by AUTEL on this drone will go all the way up to 4.4 km and you will get the live transmission to a longer range as well.
  3. As the storage option is external, you will get to swap the memory cards in case you want to shoot more.
  4. The drone also supports dual-band Wi-Fi where the connection will be quite strong and will not drop very often.
  1. The recorded footage can be a bit bigger in size and you may need to keep multiple memory cards.

10.DJI Spark drone

Best Drones For Real Estate

This one from DJI may not come with a much higher flight time as compared to the competitors. However, there are multiple other features and options that you will get on this drone that will be quite helpful in giving you precise maneuvering.

Under a price point of $500, the drone offers obstacle avoidance, GPS support, and the highest resolution to record the videos will be up to 1080p.

If you are specifically looking for a drone to shoot indoors or getting the best aerial shots, it is the best one.

It will also be able to get a panoramic photo and the remote control that you will get will be equipped with a range of features. The static pictures that you will shoot will have 12 MP resolutions along with 2-axis image stabilization. The drone will also be able to fly just with a single tap. You will be able to land it without any hassle as well.

The storage box that you will get with this drone will come with foam cushioning so it can absorb jerks and bumps and keep the drone safe.

  1. The GPS support on this drone will allow you to set the path so that the drone can reach the point without any input.
  2. It will also give you the option of multiple modes that you can set according to your skill level.
  3. The top speed on this drone will be 31 mph. You can take part in drone races with your friends.
  4. As a hard storage box is provided in the package, you will find it quite easy to carry around.
  1. The flight time of the drone is low at just 16 minutes.
  2. There is also some overheating recorded after continuous use.

Things You Need To Focus On: A Buyer’s Guide  

We have handpicked some of the best drones that you can currently buy from Amazon. The drones that we have listed above completely serve the purpose that a real estate person or any seller will need to give the best view of the property to woo the buyer. However, if you couldn’t pick one, we are here to help you find your perfect drone by keeping the following points in your mind and narrow down the search criteria.

Camera Quality

The first thing that you need to put your focus on is the camera quality offered. As the primary purpose of the drone that you are buying will be capturing the property in the best way possible. It should be capable of recording up to at least 1080p so that the picture quality is crisp. You can show all the details that you need to portray.


The flight time that the drone has to offer should also be long enough so that you can get the footage that you need. The drones in the mid-range will give you a flying time of around 10 minutes whereas when you will go to more premium ones, you will get flight times up to 30 minutes as well.

Easy Interface

The interface that the drone is going to provide should be a very easy one. And this factor is duly noted in the aforementioned list of best drones for real estate. The options and features that are provided in the app should be available under a single dashboard.


When you are buying a drone or anything for that matter, there is a mindset that is trying to find the product at as cheap rates as possible. However, you must know that when you are dealing with tech items, a cheaper item will end up being more expensive as it will come with less durability and quality issues.

Wrapping it up: Our recommendations…

As we have now established the importance of a drone in almost all sectors, it’s time you finally make the decision. We understand that once you step out to look, there will be numerous options that will get you confused but putting all the thoughts and narrowing down your search to exactly your requirements will ease everything out for you. If you are still unable to make the decision, we are here to give you our recommendation. These 2 drones can be used for almost every purpose and will also not cost you significantly much.

The first one you can buy is DJI’s recent offering Mavic Mini. The drone comes with a 3-axis gimbal to give you the best possible shot in terms of quality and stability.

Another one you can buy from the above list of ‘Best Drones for Real Estate’ is the AUTEL Robotics EVO drone. With the 4K at 60fps recording capabilities, this drone comes in a very compact size. And You will be able to carry it quite easily. The remote controller of this drone will have an in-built 3.3” OLED screen.

Ending your confusion: FAQs

  • Which weather is suitable for flying the drone?

It completely depends on you and how you want your footage to be. The real estate agents want to film on an overcast day where the camera can also record the texture.

  • Do I need to register my drone with the authorities?

Yes, if you are going for the professional drone, you will need to get it registered with the FAA. Also, if your drone exceeds the weight limit of 250 grams, it should be registered.

  • What is the headless mode?

All the drones come with a front and rear side. If you and the drone are facing each other and you turn this mode on, it will move to your left/right on pressing the left/right button.

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